Vendel and Dark age ornamental design


Vendel and Dark age ornamental design


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Vendel and dark age ornamental design
ISBN: 978-83-62586-40-0
triglav publishing, 2014
page 109,
261 ornaments
(…) the Viking Era was preceded by the Dark Age, known in Scandinavia as the Vendel Time, in the British Isles as the Anglo-Saxon period. These are also the main foci of our interest in this volume. The aesthetic heritage that it left behind is striking in its beauty and yet steeped in the semantic content. The plaques (pressblecks) are adorning the Vendel or Anglo-Saxon warriors’ helmets are miniature works of art, at the same time containing extremely complex mythological transfer. They express role models, tell stories of mental and psychical transformation, and constitute an incentive to do great deeds, are a request for custody of Gods. Each decoration from a drinking horn can be a masterpiece in itself, but only the entire composition is breathtaking in its beauty but its message. This is because by reading into its symbolism, we can see it as a story of brave warriors and their great chief; the dedication and loyalty to the grave, generosity, courage, duty, fellowship, mutual care and support. (…)
The catalog is closed with descriptions of the locations of each find, the most accurate dating, cultural context, and possible symbolic meaning – where possible. The internal cross- references will help the reader get a glimpse of aesthetic the realities of the era, or deliberately select a particular ornament.

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